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Food, coffee, shops and exhibitions

Nowadays the buildings in Wadköping are home to shops, craft workshops, museums, exhibition venues and apartments.

The pleasant aroma of freshly baked bread wafts from the bakery. The shops sells cones of sweets, tea and other odds and ends that were sold in the old days. The restaurant offers great food along with beverages and pastries in a unique environment. Heavy blows of the hammer can be heard from the forge as the blacksmiths work the iron, and at the wood turner workshop visitors can see the lathe in action. The silversmith offers unique jewellery while new creations are made at the sewing studio. The shops and craft workshops sell everyday items and gifts made in Wadköping.

Most of the year there are new weekly exhibitions of both arts and crafts in Wadköpingsrummet and Hantverkarboden.

Hjalmar Bergman

Was born and bred in Örebro and is one of Sweden's best known authors. The Hjalmar Bergman museum with books and mementos is located in Skomakaregården (The Shoemaker's House) in Wadköping.

The School Museum

Is located in Handskmakaregården (The Glovemaker's House) and gives an account of 1920s school history.

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