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In Wadköping there are buildings and courtyards moved here from central Örebro.

These are some of our houses:

Kungsstugan - The King's Lodge

The King's Lodge acquired its name from the fact that Duke Karl, later King Karl IX, stayed there a couple of times in 1580 and 1581. The building is medieval in style and was originally part of a group of buildings on Järntorget square. On the upper floor there are well preserved wall- and ceiling paintings from the 1580s and 1620s. This floor is closed to the public but can be opened upon request. Reproductions of the paintings are presented in one of the exhibitions on Kungsstugan's bottom floor.

Borgarhuset/Cajsa Wargs hus - The Burgher's House

The Burgher's House dates back to the 17th century. The building was originally a guesthouse and part of an estate owned by country treasurer Anders Warg (father of Cajsa Warg) at the turn of the 18th century. Here visitors can see wall paintings from the 18th century.
In the building there is also an exhibition about Cajsa Warg.

Jeremiasstugan - Jeremiah's Cottage

Jeremiah's Cottage is named after poet Levi Rickson, also known as Jeremiah the Inconsolable, who once lived in the building.
A museum about Jeremiah The Inconsolable can be found in the Glovemaker's House.

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